The Sky at Night

Someone once told me “Set your sights on the stars!”
At first I wasn’t entirely convinced that this was a wise idea. Then, someone else assured me that it was, indeed, sound advice. It may have been Oprah.
I’m really not one to squander a gift, so I took the words to heart. I set my sights on the sky, and I haven’t looked back since. Sometimes I wonder, though, if my trusted advisors have ever followed their own counsel. Do they know that it gets really cold at night? Or that it’s lonely after dark, when the stars are shining brightly?
Now, I’m not one to complain, but my neck is really getting sore. Sometimes I hear people passing by and I would love to stop and chat, but they’re just not in my field of vision. And let me tell you, keeping your feet on the ground isn’t easy with your nose in the air. My knees and hands are scraped from tripping over every crack and pebble.
Someone once said to me “Look where you’re going!”
Ha! I guess no one told him that the earth is not enough. That poor guy will never reach the stars like me.


About Lisa U

Intensely interested in all kinds of things. Loving life. Looking closely. Always on duty.
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5 Responses to The Sky at Night

  1. That’s a great life philosophy to have and follow…

  2. twdyen says:

    Is stargazing worth the pain? Where is your biology post by the way? Stars are beautiful, especially away from city lights. I surely agree with you on that one.

    • Lisa U says:

      Haha.. I apologize, my inspiration ended up coming from elsewhere last week. There are a few biology-related topics that I feel strongly about and I will certainly express that in my blog. I currently write biological reports for a living, though, so it’s kind of difficult for me to put my work down at the end of the day and then pick it up again for recreation! Next week I will write the pseudo-biology piece I had originally intended to write last week…. just for you! 😉

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