120 Haikus – part 1

My ongoing contribution to the Twitter Fiction Festival is a collection of 120 haikus; one for each hour (posted on the hour) of the five day festival. I’m a little over half-way through now and boy, am I tired! I’m having fun but I can’t wait for it to be over. Here is the first half of the haiku collection. I hope you enjoy!

Frosted window panes–
A picture frame hangs crooked
On the clean white wall.

Lazy mid-day heat–
Mossy blue-green fingers clasp
The hot grey stone.

The Snowshoe Hare bolts–
Snow spills from the fir branch,
Lost in the white sea.

Blank white paper–
The computer screen buzzes
Quietly to the room.

Fiery crimson skies-
A suitcase stuffed with desire
And neatly rolled socks.

A wet pink nose-
Sleepy eyes ponder waking,
Then quickly close again.

Tear-stained cheeks-
The light flickers one last time,
Then fades into night.

Tingly fingers-
120 haikus in 5 days
Cannot all be winners.

A leaf sails by-
The Blue and white umbrella
Shakes free the rain

Bright red Maple leaf¬–
Afternoons at the skating rink,
Evenings by the fire.

A grumbling tummy–
Creamy chocolate temptingly wrapped
In red and blue foil.

Distant hawk screaming–
Afternoons lying in the grass
Sun kissing the nose.

The pebble bounces–
A narrow path runs straight ahead
As far as the eye sees.

The beetle pauses–
Cedars choke out the sunlight,
A shadow on the land.

Ramshackle houses–
Through a crack in the pavement
A single daisy grows.

Ageless brown eyes–
White hairs adorn the wet black nose
Where once they never were.

Snow covered paths–
The horse nickers in delight
At seeing his old friend.

A dancing green marsh–
Freshly poured concrete, gleaming white,
As yet unmarked by use.

Sun burnt shoulders–
The ant struggles to carry
A tiny crumb of bread.

A newborn’s cry–
Curtains dancing on the breeze,
Moonbeams on the wall.

Tangled hair–
Her breath catches in her throat
A lover’s surprise.

The moose steps lightly–
White Pines tower overhead
Sentinels of the forest.

Footprints in the snow–
Blue Jay hops from branch to branch
Straining to see.

Snow-covered rooftop–
Fire light spills over the room,
Casting long shadows.

Yellow dotted line–
The squirrel carts his hard-won prize
Across the busy street.

A broken promise–
The red velvet curtain is drawn
To an empty stage.

Fox circles the moon–
The answer to your question
Is in these pages.

A cool mist rises–
The Robin sings excitedly
In greeting to the sun.

Searing hot sand–
The bee visits every flower
In its own turn.

Mosquitoes droning–
Sweat trickles down the spine,
A welcome coolant.

Fish glides through the lake–
The bear hears voices in the wood
And escapes unnoticed.

The kettle boils–
The cat cracks open one eye
Then drifts back to sleep.

Messy countertop–
The phone rings insistently…
Damn. Gone to voicemail.

A long dim hallway–
Peering over his glasses
He asks for my name.

Cracked cherry wood–
Colour-stained beams of light
Fall on her clasped hands.

Scattered papers–
The desklight flickers, revealing
A writer sound in sleep.

Chipped off-white paint–
The crow watches through the window,
The cat watches back.

A well-worn path–
With heavy heart I kneel beside
My crushed rose bed.

Wind blows from the fan–
The dishes are neatly stacked,
My knuckles dry and cracked.

Mist blankets the field–
Steam rises from the teapot,
Lavender on the air.

An open book–
The wren’s impossible tune
Drifts in on the wind.

The Heron watches–
The turtles hold their secret meeting
On sun-baked stones

Mumbled promises–
Half-melted chocolate
Tastes just as sweet.

Velvet white petals–
The spider lies hidden from sight
To all but me.

Echoed voices–
Dusty shelves hold the memory
Of treasures long gone.

Empty dinner table–
The screen door is wide open,
The dog moves in and out.

The grey sky hangs low–
Sensing danger, the deer turns-
White tail in the air

The tomcat meows–
Snowflakes careen to the ground,
Melting at its touch.

The grey beauty–
She has been alone all her life
And never known her kind.

Leaves turning yellow–
I close my eyes for a second
And the second’s gone.

A Deafening chorus–
The gold circle ringed by red
On shining white ice.

The bat takes wing–
Grey moonlight floods the meadow,
Playing on the grass.

Infinite blue sky–
The monarch floats easily
Over hazy green earth.

The bee takes his time–
Raccoon curls up in his tree,
Hidden in plain sight.

Bare toes in the grass–
The Bluebells jingle silently,
Heralds of the spring.

Puddles on the trail–
The Winter Wren entertains
For those who’ll listen.

Ripples on the pond–
The fox and hare call a truce
To lounge in the shade.

The gull struts proudly–
Icy cold water alongside
Burning hot sands.

Clumping black lashes–
The dimly lit room conceals
Insincere faces.

Tropical umbrella–
The crab shuffles through the sand
And melts into the sea.


About Lisa U

Intensely interested in all kinds of things. Loving life. Looking closely. Always on duty.
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