120 Haikus Part 2

At 11:00 on Sunday night I cranked out the last of my hourly haikus for the Twitter Fiction Festival. It was a lot of fun but by the end I was really looking forward to catching up on all the sleep I missed! Here is the second part of the haiku collection – numbers 61 through 120. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my sleep deprivation! 😉

Black iron bars–
The lion looks over his kingdom
From atop the mown hill.

Peeking through the fence–
Sweat pours freely down her face,
Salty on her tongue.

Happiness unchecked–
The dog leans further out the window,
Ears flapping in the wind.

Chewed fingernails–
The writer looks around the room
For hidden inspiration.

Floating red balloon–
A chorus of song and laughter
Glasses raised in toast.

Brilliant white teeth–
Darkness falls, heavy as the hand,
Smothering the land.

The heartbeat quickens–
The mirror reflects nothing
But a water-stained wall.

Boots caked with mud–
The sweet-scented wind on my face,
Hoof beats on my ears.

The clock is frozen–
The bird house is empty,
Covered in snow.

Lilies on the floor–
A flurry of nails and white fur,
The cat dashes past.

Marked gray walls–
The story written on her face,
On her shoulder the weight.

Wilted brown petals–
Smudges on the empty glass
Rolling across the floor.

Cold cement floor –
A draft flows through the open door,
Making cobwebs dance.

The flash of a smile–
She reads the wilted letter,
Clutching it tightly.

Slowly grinding teeth–
Driving below the speed limit
Will win you no love.

Crinkled flyer–
Toilet paper is very cheap,
I should go get some.

Mould between the tiles–
Worn leather penny loafers
Crush out the cigarette.

A faded photo–
Breeze on his face, by the window
The old man patiently waits.

Bright yellow taxi–
A thousand tiny geysers,
Rain on the water.

White paint, stained yellow–
The wide empty street reflects
My grief back at me.

Distant horns honking–
The streetlights on the night sky
Hang like lilies on the pond.

Cold grey metal–
She watches them with upturned lips
And tears in her eyes.

Flip-flops dangling–
The geese return triumphantly,
They brought with them the spring!

Row of hotdog carts–
The scent of freshly cut grass
Wafting like a cloud.

Pull the jacket closed–
A plastic bag hops down the street,
Urban tumbleweed

The snake coils tighter–
Adjusting his tie, the man
Twists into a smile.

A peaceful slumber–
The cat arches his back and purrs,
Demanding attention.

Sink full of dishes–
The deer and I spot each other,
Frozen by surprise.

Treetops swaying–
Two eagles soar in tandem,
Keepers of the sky.

Cicada buzzing–
A bee drifts through the meadow,
Impossibly buoyant.

The tadpole wriggles–
The horse dips his head and drinks
Deeply from the stream.

Shelves sag with weight–
Leafing through yellowed pages,
Breathing in the scent.

Harsh Raven chatter–
The earthworm nestles deeper
Into dark, cool tunnels.

Ladybug smile–
She holds the tattered remains
Of her favourite shoe.

Temples throbbing–
Frozen pictures in succession,
Halted words without sense.

Nose prints on the glass–
Waves crashing, clear crystal blue,
Beating on the rocks.

Blue and white flags–
Silver blades blaze white trails
On smooth grey ice.

Torn fishnet stockings–
A single flickering spotlight
In a darkened room.

A crowded platform–
Coins sparkle in the fountain,
Underwater stars.

A golden ringlet–
Gnarled skin hanging loosely
From too-sharp cheeks.

Pastel wings flutter-
The oak branch humbly bows
Nodding acceptance

Green blades swaying-
The song sparrow whispering
Gentle nothings

Flames dance boldly-
The sickly sweet scent of pine
Hangs heavily in the air

Footsteps echo in the dark-
A crisp white sheet of snow reflects
The moonlight from above

Cold, hard pavement–
Too large, the pink rubber boots slip
Easily off the foot.

The ivy vine twists–
Yellow eyes glowing against
A red brick canvas.

Steady heart beating–
In the corner a shaded lamp
Casts the only light.

The still air hangs heavy–
The black and white dog gaily hops
Through too-deep snow.

Toes wriggle in fresh dirt–
Chickadee cocks his head and asks,
Do you have food for me?

Fire lit in the stove–
The sleeping cat extends his claws,
Dreaming of a wild kill.

Water drips musically–
A tired face in the dark window
Staring back at me.

A shimmering grain of sand–
The cricket chirps his lonely song,
Though I am with him.

A gentle caress–
The ceaseless trill of tiny wings
Driving me to madness.

Her sunny, smiling face–
Apples bounce to the ground and lie
Scattered in the grass.

Thundering hoofbeats-
The long grass parts like waves
Crashing on a rocky shore

Twinkling starlight-
Dew glistens on a delicate web
In the first light of day

Gooey soft pillow-
The dog stretches out a little more,
Snoring a little louder.

Scraggly dead branches-
A tiny paw eagerly searches
For mother’s comfort

A bountiful harvest-
Half-empty glasses fill the table;
Drink deeply, my friends

One pink sock, one blue-
Wide-eyed, digging for earthworms
On grass-stained knees.


About Lisa U

Intensely interested in all kinds of things. Loving life. Looking closely. Always on duty.
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